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Welcome Back,

Welcome to 6th Mantra Summits Challenge which is now become Mantra116.

We are delighted to bring to you number of new things in our 6th ultra trail running race in Arjuno-Welirang mountains. All those new things will bring completely new experience to you.

There are new routes for all category, new category distribution (116, 60K, 30A, 30W and 15K). You will be allowed to run with pacer for 60K and 116K category. Pacer starting from WS Wonosari. You will be allowed to get external support at the WS Wonosari, the plantation.

Lets explore the majestic Arjuno-Welirang mountains in Mantra116.

Mount Arjuno

Mount Arjuno (sometimes spelled Mount Arjuna) is inactive volcano in East Java, Indonesia with altitude 3,339 m above sea level. Mount Arjuno is located on the border of Batu, Malang and Pasuruan and is under Raden Soerjo Forest Park authority. Mount Arjuno is the third highest mountain in East Java after Mount Semeru and Mount Raung, and is the fourth highest on the island of Java.

Arjuno is adjacent to Welirang , Kembar I, and Kembar II. The peak of Mount Arjuno is located on one ridge that is the same as the peak of Welirang mountain, so this complex is often referred to as Arjuno-Welirang. The Arjuno-Welirang complex itself is on two older volcanoes, Ringgit in the east and Lincing in the south. Fumaroles with sulfur reserves are found in a number of locations in these mountains, such as on the summit of Mount Welirang, the peak of Kembar II, and on a number of hiking trails.

As in previous year, this race is managed and organized by Malang Trail Runners, a local trail running community from Malang but with global vision and mindset. As we are runner and ultra runner ourselves, we think we understand what kind of experience expected from this ultra trail race.

Feel the warmth. Feel the friendship. Feel the hospitality of a typical ultra trail runners.

Come to Malang and join us in Mantra 116.

Let’s make a friendship.


Kategori 116K

Needless to say, this is the hardcore ultra trail race climbing Arjuno-Welirang from 4 hiking points. Cruising along the cloud above 3,000 m altitude.

This race is only for you! The tough soul, the strong bone, and the fearless gut. 116 Kilometer, 7,500 meter vertical distance to climb on the top of majestically beautiful Arjuno-Welirang mountains.


Kategori 60K

Kategori ini akan menjejak kedua puncak Welirang dan Arjuno. Turun ke Mahapena menuju kebun teh, singgah di Bukit Kuneer lanjut turun menuju Budug Asu bawah. Lanjut naik ke Budug Asu atas, turun menuju kebun teh Wonosari yang akan menjadi WS utama di 2023. Pacer dan external support kalian menunggu disini.


Kategori 30K - Welirang

Separuh jalur awal start sampai Pondok Welirang untuk semua kategori berubah. Menjadi lebih runable, safe meskipun sedikit lebih panjang.


Kategori 30K - Arjuno

Dari start sampai Pondok Welirang akan bareng dengan Mantra30W-Welirang. Kedua kategori akan berpisah di Pasar Bubrah. Mantra 30A akan menuju Kembar 1, Lembah Sadelan kearah puncak Arjuno.


Kategori 15K

Kategori ini kita siapkan untuk teman-teman yang baru mengenal trail running atau yang ingin mengikuti event Mantra116 dengan effort sedang sambil menikmati keindahan alam lereng gunung Arjuno. Tentu saja juga untuk menambah teman dan ketemu teman-teman online.

30K Welirang
30K Arjuno

Race Committee

Heru Prabowo
Ivan Citra Wijaya
Yotin Bayu Meriyani